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Our Puppies Available

Our puppies are kept in the house with their moms for a minimum of eight weeks. We do everything we can to help our puppies strive. Not all breeds of puppies are always available. Please feel free to contact us for available puppies or to be added to our waiting list.

 Our Poodles

Our Momma & Daddy, Charlie and Lucy, are Standard Poodles. 

Our Aussie-Doodles

Our AKC Australian Shepard, Raven, is the mother to our Aussie-Doodle's!

Our Goldendoodles

Here at out farm, we raise both F1 and F1B Goldendoodles.

Our Yorkies

Our AKC Yorkies are raised in our home with our family. Please contacf us to be added to our waiting list.

Our Yorkie-Poos

Mannie our toy poodle, loves to show off his beautiful babies! Please contact us to request availability of puppies.

From a Local

"I had a Yorkie-Poo that passed away too soon and I wasn't ready, I was devastated. I told myself I wasn't going to get another dog because I didn't want to be hurt again, but after a couple of weeks, I have to have a little one again, I couldn't stand life without a puppy! So I found Billie Jo through a neighbor. I went to Billie to see the parents of the Yorkie that I would be getting and the love and care she has for her animals was phenomenal! She and her family take special care the moment these little ones are born and nurture them so they are surrounded by adults and children from day one! I had my Belle for a few months and realized I wanted a brother for her, so there was a litter of Yorkie-Poos on the way and that's how I got my Bentley! He was very small when he was born so they took extra care of him and cuddled and snuggled with him a lot! I am extremely pleased with the amount of care and love that Billie gives her puppies! I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting a special puppy!" ~Teresa Thompson

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