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About Our Farm

At ANZ Farms our signature look is a red gate.

The ANZ Hobby Farm's land has been in the Smiley family for many generations. We have used the land, along with our neighbors, to provide for our community. It is what we love to do. Our three boys Austin, Noah, and Zac are where our farm gets it's name. It's something we chose to add a little bit more love to our piece of the world. We are into farming because that's how we were raised, and with our aging we have brought along our expansion. While our cows have been with for quite some time, our goats have just joined us in the past three years. We introduced fainting goats to our farm, and now we wish we made the decision earlier. They are the most loving creatures that anyone could want, that is with excluding our pups! We have loved our Yorkie pups for over ten years and we have enjoyed every moment of it to the max! The addition of our other breeds have happened over many years as well. We have Poodles, Chihuahua's, a Chorkie, an English Bull Dog, a Mini Australian Shepard, and our protector a Karakachan. We are dog loving people. We keep our pups because we don't know what we would do without them! We hope that our farm can provide for many families, as well as stay the happiest place on earth.

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